On tax matters, the firms recommend the companies to comply the law's latest guidelines. Consequently, they are required to maximize the advantages that Mexican Tax Law offers; when provisions of law allow different alternatives, management is technically advised to take the decision in the companies' best interest.

The main services performed in this area are:

1. Assistance in the companies' preliminary year-end tax closing programming taxation impacts in order to take timely decisions.

2. Calculation of the formulas for taxes and Social Security contributions, prescribed by Mexican Tax Laws.

3. Review of companies' internal control system in tax matters.

4. Preparation and filing of notices, requests, and technical management of taxation and social security issues.

5. Comprehensive services related to opening of companies before tax and social security authorities.

6. Advice in tax and social security problems.

7. Preparation and supervision of tax returns and social security contributions.

8. Publishing bulletins and comments on the latest changes in tax regulations.

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