Policy of Privacy

This policy rules the form and terms in which personal data is to be handled, in order for users to decide if they wish to provide their Personal Data to the Firm,that might be requested when receiving some of the services provided by México HLB, S.C. through its site We define Personal Data as the combined information of a User that allows us to identify him, such as name, address, e-mail, and phone number. Private information, this is, not for the common knowledge.

At any time, consent for handling personal data can be revoked. Thus, it is necessary to send a request to the following e-mail address:

This request must include the following: Signed letter explaining the reason for the request.
We have a minimum period of 10 days to answer this request and will be responding via the same e-mail.

Personal information requested has the purpose to comply with requirements, such as: Tax Return, Payments, Advices, Reports, etc. before SAT, IMSS, SAR and INFONAVIT; federative entities where our clients operate Ministry of Finance, etc., and therefore, we request the following:
• Taxpayer Registry (RFC)
• ID Number
• Name or company’s name
• Fiscal Address

For the purposes of this advice of privacy, we can collect your personal data en different ways: furnished directly by yourself, when you visit our website or use our online services, and through other legal sources.

We will not be able to provide our professional services if we do not count with this information.

Your personal data will be used for the following:
• Provide you with services and products requested;
• Inform about new products or services related to the ones acquired by the client;
• Comply with obligations to our clients;
• Inform on changes on our products or services, and
• Evaluate quality of our services rendered.
México HLB, S.C. is responsible on the way your personal data is handled, we are located in Tres Picos No. 79, Col. Bosque de Chapultepec, CP. 11580, México, D.F.

Address: Tres Picos No. 79, Col. Bosque de Chapultepec, CP. 11580, México, D.F.
Telephone: +52 55 5531-1440
You can stop receiving our phone messages or e-mails, through a signed request to our electronic mail (
You are entitled to access your personal data and to the details on how we handle it; as well as to correct it or instruct us to cancel it when you consider it to be excessive or unnecessary for the original purposes and to oppose to the way we use it for specific purposes.
By a request to, you canfind the implemented mechanisms to exercise your rights.
We do not share your personal data with third parties.
We reserve the right to make at any time changes or updates to this advice of privacy, for new laws or legislations, internal policies, new requirements to offer or render our professional services or products, and market practices.
These modifications will be available in:
Last update of this advice of privacy: January/10/2012

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