Code of Professional Ethics

Mexico HLB's member firms are committed to:

1. Comply with the by-laws, rules of operation for referred works and any other regulation established by the national firm.

2. Maintain the prestige gained in our field by serving our clients with integrity and honesty and with the highest degree of professional competence.

3. Actively promote an ethical code of conduct in our working environment and in our community.

4. Provide our clients with professional, comprehensive, objective, relevant, and appropriate services.

5. Respect the confidentiality of any information provided by our clients to carry out our work and not using it to obtain any personal or professional advantage.

6. Behave with responsibility, due care and competence during the development of our work, without allowing any influence in our professional criteria by any circumstance beyond the material facts presented to our knowledge.

7.  Keep our knowledge and technical abilities updated to better serve our clients.

8.  Comply with the rules and regulations of federal, state and local governmental agencies and with those of any other private or public regulatory agency.

9. Pursue the material and professional satisfaction of the staff working in our organization as well as provide a pleasant working environment.

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