External auditing services are always carried out with the highest professional quality standards and according to generally accepted national and international accounting principles. Thus, all associated firms to Mexico HLB use the HLB International Audit Manual ensuring that all audits are based on common standards required by the International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

It is known that audit work represents an important strategic decision-taking tool for companies; consequently, finished products obtained from different types of audits require a stringent quality control in performing the work and in the auditor's opinion. Therefore, an essential part of our job is to oversee and comply with the companies' control and administrative systems which allows us to produce clear information in all reports generated from our review and obtain the best results for which our professional services were engaged.

Some auditing services rendered by the associated firms are:

• Of financial statements  
• For tax purposes   (SAT)
• For mergers and acquisition of enterprises  
• Of performance
• Operational
• Periodic or with specific purposes
• Comprehensive
• For the Mexican Institute of Social Security   (IMSS)
• For internal control           
• Agreed upon procedures
• For the Mexican Institute of Social Security   
• Of local contributions (Mexico City and other States)
• For the National Institute for Workers' Housing Fund   (INFONAVIT)

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